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epipeline is the leading online source for federal contract opportunity research and business intelligence. Using state-of-the-art technology and leveraging the web and multiple databases, epipeline is reinventing the way businesses identify, qualify, distribute and manage federal procurement opportunities.

The epipeline databases cover federal contracts and opportunities in the following industry sectors:

  • IT/C4I (Information Technology, Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence)
  • O&M (Operations Maintenance/Facilities Management)
  • AE&C(Architectural, Engineering and Construction)
  • Environmental Opportunities

In monitoring federal contracts and opportunities, epipeline covers more than 50 major federal government agencies, with coverage of tens of thousands of opportunities worth trillions of dollars. In addition, epipeline provides “cradle to grave” market research on specific qualified federal contracts, and tracks re-compete opportunities.

Benefit from real-time daily updates and access to federal contract history

With real-time daily updates, epipeline offers total value for each opportunity as well as projected annual revenues. Detailed Opportunity Summary Report information combines with the ability to research and track teaming partners or competitors using company and federal contract history data. Special request capability and an industry-leading research team, offers the highest value and most detailed research and functionality available.

epipeline’s features help you filter government opportunities to find those best suited to your business

epipeline provides 24/7 web access, with unlimited profiles to filter and automatically deliver in-depth research, updates and news daily. A personal inbox allows efficient management of new opportunities, daily updates and news which matches your profile criteria. The Tracked Opportunities workspace streamlines the federal contract intelligence-gathering process.

In addition to comprehensive federal contract information, epipeline offers:

  • Contract histories
  • FOIA services
  • News updates
  • FAR abstracts
  • Custom research capabilities
  • Collaboration tools facilitating real-time exchanges with colleagues anywhere in the world

Epipeline continues to be a leader in federal contract and opportunity tracking, analysis, and research, and can be an essential part of your business development process. Contact us for more information or to arrange an online demo.

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